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IPhone users prefer writing and Android speaking

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A recent U.S. study found differences in use of smartphones by operating system, in this case iOS and Android. Users of terminals with the OS from Google speak more than the iPhone, who in turn write more and sail less.

iphone and android

The use of social networks is identical. Experian Marketing Services has published a new study developed with Simmons Connect tool, which has analyzed the time spent by iPhone and Android users to different tasks: speaking, writing, social connections, visit websites, check or send emails, play and ‘other’.

According to the analysis, this focuses on the U.S. market, users use an average of 58 minutes a day their “smartphones”. Of that time, 26 percent is spent talking, 20 percent writing, 16 percent to the consumption of social networks, 14 percent to visit websites, 9 percent to email, 8 percent to games and 9 percent to other activities.

When we look at the behavior according to the operating system, we can see differences especially regarding the talks, which stands on Android, and write, who excels in iOS. From the outset, the iPhone user uses phone an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes a day while in Android this figure is reduced to 49 minutes.

Differences by use
In the case of Android, the 49 minutes of use, 28 percent of the time is spent talking, 16 percent text, 16 percent to social connections, 16 percent to visit websites, 8 percent to email, 8 percent to games and another 8 percent on other activities. Meanwhile, iPhone users spend 22 percent of that hour and 15 minutes to speak. The same fraction of time applies to writing texts, while 16 percent is for social networking, 12 percent surf the web, 10 percent for email, 8 percent for games and a 10 percent to ‘others’.

The differences may be because among Android users profiles are less familiar with the technology, we have agreed to one of these ‘smartphones’ for an offer at an economical price, and that the iOS keyboard is very comfortable and identical in all models, whereas the Android changes depending on the manufacturer.

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