iPhone Optimized Qik Pages


Qik has released iPhone optimized pages for the handset which cater to it’s UI. The page is available by visiting http://qik.com/ on your iPhone handsets. Users will have the majority of the features available on their handset, all of which are found on the main Qik.com webpage on your PC or Mac.

  • View Hot Qiks, Top Qikkers
  • View someone’s profile page by going to qik.com/[username]
  • Search for Qiks
  • Playback Qiks
  • View location of the Qik (currently limited to Qiks streamed from iPhone)
  • Login to view and edit your profile
  • Add Title, Description, Tags to your Qiks
  • Set Privacy for your Qiks
  • Follow other Qikkers
  • Share Qiks with Others.

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