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IPhone 7 will have a battery with 14 percent more capacity than the iPhone 6s

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The iPhone 7 is not yet ready to be released. In fact, most likely it is present from September. However, at this point already it have been leaked many rumors betting on some major changes in the field of design, but also functional.

presentation of new iPhone 7

Now we have known that (according to these speculations) the new iPhone 7 could be equipped with a powerful battery than the existing iPhone 6s. Quite reliable sources claim that the iPhone 7 will feature a battery of 1,960 mAh, which will undoubtedly prove to be great news for all those who are concerned about the performance of iPhone. The battery, in fact, is one of the biggest headaches of smartphone owners, no matter what brand they are. Enlargement is significant because its predecessor, the iPhone 6s, currently has a lithium-ion battery of 1,715 mAh.

As you can see, the new iPhone 7 battery have 14% more capacity than the iPhone 6s, which certainly will be felt in the autonomy. It is necessary to bear in mind, nevertheless, that we are before a rumor that is not provided with the Apple support and that therefore, it might stay in pure speculation.

Increased battery capacity of smartphone would not be a trivial matter. Apple has never paid much attention to the field of autonomy. In this way, would not more than that of Cupertino is overcome in this regard, although an increase of 14% capacity will not necessarily mean 14% more autonomy.

But this would not be the only novelty that would accompany the launch of the iPhone 7. Everything indicates that we will have the opportunity to enjoy a fairly new design (with much less thickness) and a screen with identical dimensions, but in this case could be made of sapphire crystal on which so much has been spoken.

At this point it should be clarified that there are many rumors that point to a later release, so that famous Sapphire screen would not come until 2018 with the iPhone 8 (in 2017 it would touch the shift to iPhone 7s). Also it has opted for the disappearance of the entry of 3.5 millimeter for headphones, which would be replaced by Lightning connector. Inside the device we could find a more powerful processor (A9 to A10) and 2 to 4 GB RAM. In addition, it would be presented in three different capacities: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB, so the more basic version of 16 GB would be a better life.

The presentation of the new iPhone 7 will not take place until late September, when Apple usually publicize each new generation of its flagship device. All these rumors cannot be confirmed or disproved until then.