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iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update Released

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iPhone 2.0.1 update

Apple has released the latest software update for the iPhone, aimed at mainly fixing bugs with the current 2.0 release. The update is 249.2MB and can be obtained by connecting your iPhone to your desktop PC / MAC and checking for new updates through iTunes.

Some changes

Apple does not always specify the changes it makes in minor software updates. As such, the company leaves users guessing and trying to decipher those changes on their own. Some user-discovered changes in iPhone 2.0.1 include:

* You can now drag an app icon across multiple pages in one motion, rather than having to drag it, drop it, pick it up again and drag it over to next page, and repeat.
* Contacts are now more responsive.
* After installing 2.0.1, each successive backup is much faster.
* Apple may have changed the calibration of the iPhone’s reception “bars” while connected to a 3G network to reflect a stronger signal than before.
* Keypad loads quicker.
* Some apps may ask to be updated after the firmware upgrade.

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