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iPad Mini enters the production process

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It is another of the most anticipated devices of the year, but the fact is that the U.S. firm Apple has not yet reached to confirm or deny its existence, something the other hand, is usually the most common.

iPad Mini

The fact is that at this point, just after submission the iPhone 5, rumors persist about the launch of a new iPad that would not maintain the architecture of iPad 3 presented a few months ago. Of course, today we turn our attention to the hypothetical iPad Mini which should see the light next October, at a special presentation that Apple would offer to the public and media technology. It has been two Chinese manufacturers that have sent this information to various media, indicating that the iPad Mini has already entered the phase of large-scale production, so that workers Foxconn and Pegatron already be working on the assembly line.

You know that these companies are both common in the production of Apple devices. For this reason, it is not surprising that rumors speak that Pegatron would be responsible for the production of 50 to 60% of the production of iPad Mini, while Foxconn would have stayed with the rest, probably 40% of the total units that Apple has commissioned.

The production would be a large scale, since the signing of Cupertino’s firm intention to compete head on with the low-cost devices that have recently been submitted. We refer, of course, the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7 tablets that are achieving remarkable success with its high technical characteristics, but above all for the modest price for which have flooded the market. Thus, if all predictions are true, the iPad Mini could come very soon the production process and be sold sooner than we imagine. Elected in October would be the month, but still unable to materialize a date.

Following the tradition within Apple, the company will keep the secret until the last day. It should be said, however, that right now there is still no announcement for the hypothetical event, so you should be patient and wait until the announcement occurs.

The latest models that have been released to show the architecture of a device of 7.85 inch, much smaller than traditional iPad. Apple have also invested in the final format of the device (much more compact than a current iPad) but also in the resolution of the screen (which would be identical to the iPad 3), battery and processor, characteristics of vital importance to the iPad Mini can achieve a performance that are truly valid, able to compete with the one that offers the Nexus 7 of Google.

All rumors, leaks, photos and recreations are just pure literature, since we still do not have a provisional sheet on the table. It goes without saying that we will be attentive to any rumor that may occur to inform promptly about this product vital to the market for tablets, competing in such prestigious brands as Samsung, LG, Amazon or Sony.

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