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Instagram blocks the ‘app’ unofficial Instance for Windows Phone

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The efforts of Nokia and Microsoft for Windows Phone applications have increasingly not give the expected results. And when it is not a question of absences, these are problems for the “apps” that if they are.

block unofficial instance

For the moment, Instagram does not want to adapt your application to this operating system and has also decided to block unofficial Instance. Nokia has been pushing Facebook on adapting Instagram application for Windows Phone, but so far, the results have been null and users have had to resort to third party applications such as Instance.

Now, Instagram has blocked this application, deleting images after they are loaded on the server. By uploading a photo to Instance, seconds later, the picture disappears from the account and the URL to access it no longer works.

Facebook is tracking application files uploaded from the Instance, and other unofficial apps and is deleting the contents of each user, according to The Verge.

An Instance developer, Daniel Gary has brought to The Verge that are working to avoid this crash that affects all users of Instance. Although he acknowledged: “Are your servers, your service. What I was doing was not approved by them and I was using his private API “, so do not look bad that Facebook is blocking your ‘app’.

Meanwhile, popular apps like Flipboard and Vine are already working to get its Windows Phone.

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