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If you find a lost iPhone, asked to Siri who is the owner

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Losing a valuable object it’s an awful feeling, especially if it is a smartphone which totally depend on our day.


To take it to the Police and to feign ignorance of the lost terminal, it can be the first option that happens to you for the head, but usually it is not the best, even more when Siri can help us.

Although the lost iPhone has unlocked code, Siri, which can activate hold the Home button while it is locked, can give us the information that we need. It simply ask “Of whom is this iPhone?” and show all the information of the owner.

A little trick, but it may help us if we find an iPhone but locked and want to do the right thing, which is to return. You can also try to ask your “mom”, “dad” and find more ways to locate that lost their beloved iPhone.