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Huawei presents Ascend P6: The world’s thinnest smartphone

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Much had already heard of the new “monster” of the Chinese company Huawei. A large terminal for a very large manufacturer. For weeks, many of the features of Ascend P6 had been learning with dropper: anodized aluminum metal casing, quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, a 4.7-inch screen with a major definitions market … But, above all, a thickness of only 6.1 millimeters, which gives it the title of thinner “smartphone” than exists to date.

Huawei Ascend P6

Huawei’s entry in the Old Continent has occurred in stages, but continues. In fact, the Chinese giant has been making inroads in the difficult market of “smartphones” to reach the fourth position in the world by number of handsets sold, only behind LG (third), Apple (second) and the powerful Samsung in first position, with a market share exceeding 30%.

Take two cameras, one 8-megapixel rear and another front of 5. And assembles a battery of 2,000 milliamps, higher than the average in the rest of the “smartphones”. The camera is equipped with software that gets exclusive new images make “smart”. Other ‘smartphones’ have too many options and possibilities that confuse users. And that also never targeted at the appropriate time.

The P6 automatically detects and configures the scene without having to do anything. Comparisons made with iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 seem to give a clear advantage to Chinese terminal. We will have to test this feature in more detail. The P6 allows you to make macro shots only 4 centimeters. The object we are trying to photograph, and focusing on where other terminals cannot. Moreover, the 5-megapixel front camera also incorporates fun features, such as the ‘Level of Beauty’ that allows years in a photo with only sliding the finger by a progress bar.

Another of the strengths of the new terminal is the user interface. Huewei has developed on the Android operating system, a layer of software called Emotion UI, with over 300 customization options. The main screen shows eight basic applications, four services in the cloud and other four options of control terminal. The main screen can personalize it with over a thousand different designs.

Any media can be played on an external display with touch an icon that makes it possible. The new Ascend P6 will be sold in three colors, black, white and pink. But the best was saved for last. And it is that Huawei has been able to keep this phone at a price of just 499 euros, well below its competitors. No doubt that this terminal will be talking…..

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