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Huawei improves its mobile interface with several new features

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Huawei has just introduced its new user interface. The latest edition of EMUI presumed to bring Android to the next level. Experience of faster and more intuitive use, a more controlled flow of the personal information and new protocols of information are some of the innovations that the new interface brings under the arm.

huawei new user interface

New accounts, different spaces
As Huawei defined as “an increasingly mobile world”, it is common in our smartphone operating have several email accounts, social networks, etc. associated in turn to different accounts. With Chinese company EMUI aims to put a bit of order at the time of managing data traffic and the use of these different accounts hosted in the same terminal. A solution of a professional nature but that can certainly be of great help to the user on foot.

To implement this feature, you just have to create a new account on the Huawei device, where the new information will stay of independent form, while it retains access to applications for exclusive use as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp… In this way you can have the information from two different phones stored separately, with quick access to useful information, maintaining privacy and all in single device.

Rapid answer
With the rapid response function it may respond WhatsApp messages or other IM applications without having to exit the application that is currently in use.

Now you can read all text
We are used to read our messages on the home screen without having to unlock the phone. This only applies, of course, with short messages or, in some cases, when it does not accumulate more than one in the list of pending messages. Huawei improve its new interface to see full-screen messages with just one touch.

And the mail to full screen…
If you are someone who is all day with the operating email and you need all your operational capability for each response, with the new interface of Huawei you will gain space on your screen to respond the messages. The toolbar goes away with sliding your finger to the bottom of the device. Now the entire screen is for mail.

Contacts via QR… And without app
Of putting a QR code on the card is already something usual. With the new Huawei interface just by taking a picture of the code will be stored the new contact. If the card does not include a scannable code, do not worry. Because EMUI incorporates a card scanner to avoid having to manually enter contact in the memory of your phone. A function for which just open the contact and press the “scan” icon.