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It has long been rumored that the Taiwanese firm HTC’s doing a smartphone which will be called Droid DNA. Such rumors have become stronger now leaked new data on the terminal. Here are all that is known so far of this new phone.


Possible technical specifications
HTC’s doing a powerful smartphone which will be called Droid DNA and will be marketed in the U.S. by Verizon telephone operator. The phone in question probably will feature a 5-inch display with full HD (1080p) and, as the name implies, run on Android operating system.

The rumors about this mobile began to circulate with more strength since its name appeared on the website of the Verizon telephone operator. Optimists say the official presentation of the terminal will take place in a few days, although some say that the phone will not see the light until early December.

Possible marketing specifications
Due to the proximity to the year-end holidays, is more than likely that the HTC Droid DNA goes on sale before the end of 2012. However it is unlikely that transcends the borders of the United States because there are few phones launched by U.S. operators who then sold worldwide, but knowing in advance some technical details of the terminal can make sure that it is a mobile with an international profile.

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