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HTC 8X: first look

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HTC has unveiled the Windows Phone 8X, a very stylish smartphone that should land in November. The design is typical of HTC, but the materials, size and colors are new.

windows phone 8x

HTC has this time used a polycarbonate plastic with a soft texture to the touch. The 8X is well in hand and seems very thin, with its sharp edges and tapered. It is also very light, which is one more compared to other Windows devices. The camera, the volume and ignition are integrated on the edges of the device. These buttons can be a little hard to press, but nothing too bad.

HTC did not really let time to play with the device and test it in depth, since Windows 8 is not yet ready. We can not tell you more about the performance. We can however confirm that the screen is good, and the colors are vivid. HTC clarifies that the definition is 1280 x 720.

The 8X is available in different colors, which are all really good in our opinion. In general, we find the device very interesting and very well done.

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