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How to make lots of money by developing Android mobile apps

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Currently, Android has millions of smartphones and other mobile devices in every country in the world. These terminals are joined by more and more people downloading applications from Google Play, 1.5 trillion monthly downloads. These are pretty amazing numbers and many people have wanted to developing their own application and earning enough money with them. But how do they do it?

developing android mobile apps

How can you make a lot of money with Android apps?
Android applications can be monetized in thousands of ways but the most common are:

Apps for free download + Advertising
With this type of applications you get income through banners and advertising. These apps generate revenue through impressions and clicks on advertising banners. Or they can also serve as a demo of an application or game that later has a paid version. A fairly clear example for everyone is that of Angry Birds.

Free Download Applications + In-App Purchases
This app model is for free download but is paid by subscription, i.e. it is free downloaded but you get money (we will decide) by subscribing users to the content. for more update you can check

Item Selling apps and buying maps
This way of monetizing the application is for the purchase of objects and improvements of the game through virtual money. This model is the predominant in the world of video games and applications that are market leaders. A very clear example is the Clash of Clans with €500,000 of earnings per day.

Apps with paid download
The last way to make money is to create applications that the download costs money to the user. You can earn enough money with these types of applications. A clear example is the Fifa15.

Well, you know how to earn money from developing android apps, it’s time for you to know what you need to know to start earning money.

What you need to know to make Android apps
To start you should know that to be able to program native Android applications, you have to learn the Java language to know the programming that is oriented to objects.