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Google Now comes to iOS devices

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The IOS device users can now enjoy Google’s personal assistant, Google Now. The U.S. company has introduced this tool through an update to its Google Search app for Apple devices.

Google Now

After the breakdown of the agreement between Google and Apple, which the Internet giant’s services were default on iOS devices, users eagerly await all of them are available as third-party application on the App Store.

This is what happened with Google Maps or the implementation of the Google browser, Chrome, and the voice wizard Google now. In late March, the president of Google, Eric Schmidt claimed that Google Now was ready for iOS devices, missing only the approval of Apple. For its part, Apple said that they could not approve anything if Google did not presented the application.

Accusations aside, this voice assistant is now available for iOS devices but with some limitations. As confirmed by Google itself, Google Now is now available for iOS devices via the App Store, however, is not a standalone application but is integrated into the Google Search app for iOS. Thanks to an update, iPhone users, iPad and iPod touch can now ask any thing to the wizard of Google.

Since this is an update of search application and as such, Google Now is not integrated with notifications or alerts on iOS devices, so it is necessary that users open Google Search to enter the application and update application list of cards.

In addition to Google Now cards, the Google Search application includes immediate answers to questions, such as questions about the weather, traffic conditions or the latest current news.

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