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Google Nexus 7 come with high resolution display

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Google Nexus 7 made ​​by Google, which has added advantages over other similar devices as Android always guaranteed to have updated, which is always interesting for a gadget that actually is losing steam every day with the arrival of the new.

Google Nexus 7

But with the Google Nexus 7 and its supply problems in the market, many were quite. Although I believe that Google has to be given a second chance.

At the end of the day was the first time solo launched the sale of its own products and I believe that eventually proved that convinced it was a good tablet. So if you want to give it, maybe of interest the improvements that will be arriving in the next generation while not yet have an official name, and is known on the net as Google Nexus 7 II.

While it is early to venture in which are the features and specifications of the new generation, we should bear in mind that the high resolution of the screen is one of the keys to change, so you can have that in front of the iPad Mini with Retina display Google is the target of competing in this case with the Android OS and especially doing so at a much more affordable price. Does Google also improve its waiting times and Stock rotation? It is almost to find out.

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