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Google Hangouts updates on Android to compete with WhatsApp

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Hangouts was, until now, one of the unfinished business of Google. The version 4.0 is now available in the Google Play with new features that have raised it to the height of its main rivals. Now, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have new competition.

Google Hangouts update

Google announced via its blog, this new update for Android that just has nothing of the old GTalk. “We’ve been working hard in great improvements to Hangouts faster, simple and easy” says the company. And the truth is that the service promises.

The first change is appreciated just open the new version: new Material Design. Hangouts is now more elegant, while intuitive, so that its management is not complicated.

The second aspect that highlights the company is its simplicity. “The new button ‘Write’ makes it easier to start a new group or conversation. Our contact list streamlined help you find the right person quickly”, Google said. In turn, the attachments have been modernized and simplified, so that the user can send “emoji”, GIF and even several photos at once.

Finally, it is its speed. Google says it has been working to fix such errors and accelerate the delivery of messages. In turn, ensures a lower consumption of battery.

All this translates into new opportunities for the user. Like WhatsApp, Hangouts lets create group chats up to 100 people (in Telegram, the limit is 200 people) and make calls to any number in the world. Those made to other Hangouts users are free.

But the Google service has gone further with this new version offers the possibility to make video calls. In addition, those made in groups with up to 10 friends are also free.

Another new feature is the ability to send messages through Google Voice to just say ” Ok Google, send a message via Hangouts”. Connect your Google Voice account to integrate it with a phone number, SMS and voice mail.

It also allows you to send and receive messages not only Hangouts, but also text (SMS/MMS), as well as photos, maps, emoji, stickers and animated GIFs.