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Google bet on overloading the market with its new tablet Nexus 7

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Seems especially great changes requiring risky strategy. And although we have seen Google since it launched direct sales of its devices, priced well below other similar products on the market has managed to conquer many, the fact is that for the next generation of Nexus seems things will change dramatically, at least in the field of available units of their gadgets.

Nexus 7

As you know, the problem of these generations was the lack of stock in stores of Nexus devices, which suffered every few minutes in different countries of the world which were available label out of stock leaving stakeholders again in an endless waiting list which did not quite know how to get out. But this appears not to be so in the next Nexus generation, which it appears to be released with its smaller tablet with the new Nexus 7 II.

And it is now rumored that Google might do just the opposite. Because although there are experts who say that stocks are not available makes the demand for a certain product to increase, there quines take the opposite view, namely that there is more supply than demand means that consumers bet on the gadget.

No doubt both are strategies complicated and not without risks. But Google is committed to accept them with the launch of the Google Nexus 7 and we’ll see what happens at the end, but with a 7-inch tablet for $149 with the latest Android would not surprise that they were to conquer those who already bought the first generation and did not do so. What do you think of this new strategy of Google?

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