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Google Allo updated with different news

A few months ago, Google officially launched its bet by instant messaging. Google Allo is a free messaging service that comes to compete directly with WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. In addition, it is the new Google default service, thus abandoning Hangouts. Allo includes very interesting features, such as Google Assistant, Incognito chats and stickers. Even so, the great G seems few characteristics. The application is being updated with different news.

Google Allo

Amit Fulay, the director of Google Allo and Duo has confirmed that will incorporate new features to the messaging app. The first novelty would be the possibility of doing a backup of the chats. In this way, if we had any problems with our devices, or simply want to change the terminal, we can save the chats in a backup. It is likely to use Drive as a basis, just like WhatsApp. In addition, this will enable the possibility of restoring chats.

Another feature that will come with the new version of Google Allo is the possibility of doing incognito group chats. Until now, we could only chat in incognito with one user. Finally, Google Allo will incorporate the link preview. This means that we will be able to view the contents of the link without having to enter into the browser. Possibly holding the link.

Features similar to other messaging services
The new features of Google Allo are very similar to those already seen in WhatsApp, Telegram and other applications. But without a doubt, it is something essential for this application. Many users shouted for the chat backup, as well as the possibility of doing a secret group chat, a feature that has been rumored for a long time.

On the other hand, we do not know if Google Allo will include any more features. The update will be deployed recently and will reach users in a step-by-step manner.