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Gigaset s820: The phone in a lifetime but now

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Fixed phones evolve. The fever of ‘smartphones’ does not prevent the latest technology available. With its touch screen and along with its traditional physical keyboard, the hybrid phone Gigaset S820 allows the use of fixed phone but with a touchscreen interface, which allows you to type the numbers of analog form as in the past. Simple, but current. The device costs about 140 euros.

Gigaset s820

It is therefore a cordless phone with smart features. Navigation and consultation is easy and intuitive. It is robust, ergonomic and reliable, does not lose connectivity as you move farther from the detention center. Its measures 153.8 x 28.6 x54 mm and weight 156 grams make it a user-friendly phone.

Attractive metal and stylish design, among other features, the device supports an agenda of important contacts to avoid missing an important call, for example a family member. In its database records the last 20 received, made and missed calls, and the speed dial Outlook contacts via PC.

Stores up to 500 contacts, more than enough, and the presentation of the calls are achieved by an image easily recognizable. Autonomy is above average, with about 20 hours of talk time and integrates Bluetooth technology to allow wireless headset. It also incorporates calendar, alarm and date reminder function.

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