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Galaxy S6: Image suggests a non-removable back cover

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The MWC 2015 is less than two weeks, means that we will see the future flagship smartphone from the South Korean firm, The Galaxy S6. If the rumors have intensified in recent days, weeks and even months, a shell manufacturer has just given us another little taste of what we expect of the future flagship.

galaxy s6 back cover

The images come from a detailed description from Amazon, and display a double hull of the Verus constructor.

Some visible shots on Amazon suggest that the smartphone will have a metal frame, as shown by the edges of the phone, similar to that offered by the Galaxy A range. Unfortunately, the pictures do not show the back cover of the smartphone, it is impossible to say whether it will have a unibody chassis as multiple rumors suggest.

An envelope everything in metal?
As can also be seen in the images, the traditional on/off button on the smartphone on the right is inlaid a little lower than usual, and a little further down you can see a round pin for SIM tray or micro-SD. It is this last information which lets assume certain things.
Indeed, the previous leading models of the Samsung Galaxy range housed the SIM cards and micro-SD to the back of the smartphone, with a removable back cover to slip out of sight. However, the inclusion of such a plate suggests that Samsung will pass a unibody metal design. In other words, the back cover cannot be removed.

As always, this may be just a fictional rendering, created of all parts by the manufacturer in order to position them self better in the search results when the smartphone will actually be sold. We must take all this with tweezers.