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Five things that would make the iPhone 5 a better phone

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The company Apple decided to advance its release (about the time last year) to give out your phone Star on 12 September and put on sale within a few days, right from 21, when the first units will come to the home of those who already have booked.

make the iPhone 5 a better phone

Meanwhile, there are many who are still considering the possibility of purchasing the device. And that is despite everything, the folks at Apple have not integrated in iPhone 5 all those characteristics that many were willing to try. Given the various concerns, the middle Phone Arena has taken stock of the benefits that we miss in the data sheet of the new iPhone 5, reasons that many will probably opt for other smart solutions. Are you ready to know the five characteristics that would make the iPhone 5 a phone even better?

The expandable memory. If you remember, just days before the iPhone 5 was presented to society, you talked about a number of rumors that come to materialize in the new iPhone 5. One of the benefits is not reached expandable memory, that is, a slot that allows us to insert microSD card in the phone to make larger storage capacity of the phone. Often, no doubt, an interesting feature for users who bring large amounts of files or large collections of applications installed.

More information on the home screen. For many users, a smart mobile phone has to be a very practical tool. So it is not surprising that many ask for a screen much more informative and dynamic, with content that could provide direct data on the number of messages received, major updates Facebook, missed calls or weather information. This is information that normally appears, but is struck down when we blocked the phone. Users more practical would be happy with the change, but this time it may not be. IOS 6 is what it is.

An NFC chip. Near Field Communication technology is integrated in almost all most innovative smartphones. The NFC chip, in this case, is not included in the iPhone 5, so that users of this terminal will have no chance to prove interesting features such as payment by mobile phone, identifying at fairs or congresses or physical access to offices or conventions, among many other options. Fortunately or unfortunately, this technology has not yet been developed 100% in most countries, so that is not an especially longed. Not this time.

The expected wireless charging. We saw this feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S3, but it seems that Apple has not be encouraged to integrate it into its new iPhone 5. The wireless charging still does not work on this device, but we know that Apple is trying to integrate it into their devices. The arrival of this new functionality would help recharge the battery with much more comfort and without using cables.

Water resistance. Much has been said about the possibility that the new iPhone 5 will have a certification that would allow it to be waterproof. In principle, as stated in rumors prior to the filing, Apple had reached an agreement with a famous company dedicated to the protection against liquids phones. This company has been affixed the phones with a virtually invisible layer that allows you to save any incident with surfaces or water tanks, the main enemy of electronic components. Another time will be.

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