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Five applications ideal for small business companies

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What kind of technological support we need when we work in a small business? What are the best applications we can use to suit our needs and budget? In this post we will try to answer this question with a list of the five best applications for small businesses.

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Why small businesses and not directly business? We are talking here about another scope, other intentions, and another budget. Larger companies may possibly buy tools that smaller businesses can only dream. If you want your own application you can create from

Below, we present these five applications for small businesses that are known from the house, but yet can be critical to be applied in an environment like that.

We started with a great app to control our finances. Mint has become the primary application of many individual users, but can also be a good alternative for small businesses.

Not only Premium plans, but also has free accounts. It also has no limitations on platforms: it is available for both Mac and iOS and Windows and Android. It meets the needs that we have.

What makes Mint? Basically, it is a financial application that lets us understand our bank account more advanced. It connects directly to our bank account to monitor financial activities (where available) but also allows us to generate information in graphs and keep track of our income and expenses.

If we are looking for a way to organize our business tasks, then Wunderlist can be an excellent choice, even if we decide to hire, for about 5 euros per month, the Pro version with the ability to work collaboratively, and create different lists by theme, we can also assign subtasks to each of the things we have to do.

It is useful for small businesses as it also has a significant amount of applications, free, and packs a lot of features. It also has a reminder system, though not as powerful as others that may come in handy if we are not accustomed to using calendars.

We also included another of our favorites because we believe it has great potential, which in fact takes place in possibly thousands of establishments and enterprises guys-as one of the best applications for small businesses. We’re talking about Evernote.

This cloud-scorer shares with the other applications on this list, with the exception of the last, but we get there-it is free, you can download a variety of applications in all our devices that can be synchronized to the time to have all our information.

In addition, Evernote gives us all kinds of notes, as well as images. Also, if we want to centralize this activity, with Evernote Reminders can also work with lists, in addition to our important documents in the cloud. Not to mention the enormous amount of apps to take advantage.

Speaking of cloud storage, it is important to consider also a place where we can host our files. So, we decided to add to our list of small business applications to Dropbox. It also has many applications, have free options, but also accessible plans if you want to increase the space.

The good thing about Dropbox is that over time has become widespread enough. So if you need to share a folder or send a file, it is a good way to speed things up with potential clients or business partners, or teamwork within the same company.

Calc Pro
Finally, we close our list of small business applications with Calc Pro. In this case, it is a paid app, and only available for iPhone, but it is a calculator that hides a dozen calculators more to comply with everything inside.

It is true that we are limiting ourselves a little, but we understand that we have similar alternatives within each of the operating systems. Mac and Windows bring their own calculators, as well as Android, and in the latter case also additional applications to empower native calculator.

In this sense, Calc Pro-or-choice variant can be a partner of Mint, or another application we use to manage our finances. It’s important to have a handy calculator, but not everyone, but one that we find comfortable and meets our requirements. It’s just a question of search.

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