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Duolingo finally available for Windows Phone

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Duolingo is a favorite and indispensable for users of iOS apps, not in vain have listed more than once in our counts the most critical applications for the Apple platform, and as has become an everyday dynamics, as soon as a program exclusively for iOS gets fame and recognition the immediate question is how much it will take to get to other mobile operating systems.


Launches simultaneous or with little difference between Android and iOS are rather common, but Windows Phone is still lagging in that aspect, therefore the arrival, delayed but well-deserved of Duolingo to this range of smartphone is a fact worthy of mention and celebration.

Created by Luis von Ahn, Guatemalan, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and one of the great pioneers of crowdsourcing, Duolingo allows us to learn the basics of several languages from short and simple lessons in which the base is the repetition of concepts. To motivate us to get it is possible to level up as we gain knowledge and compete with friends. As part of learning the new language even have the chance to practice translating sentences of varying complexity. Thus, users can learn a new language for free while indirectly help maintain service economically translating documents without incurring any extra effort, creating this virtuous and productive circle where everyone wins.

The arrival of Duolingo to Windows Phone is no coincidence and occupies an important and strategic role in making this decision, since the mobile operating system of Microsoft has a good penetration in Latin America, with countries like Colombia where Windows Phone has a penetration of about 25%.

Duolingo is a dynamic, fun and truly dynamic platform; Windows Phone users should not miss the opportunity to experience this app which is one of the most remarkable cases of innovation in software for mobile devices.