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Download Play Store for Mobile

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There may be no better place on earth for finding the best mobile apps, games, movies, music and other entertainment than the Google Play Store. With millions of applications to download (most of which are free), and great features like Family Library, gifting, and free streaming radio through Google Play Music, the Play Store is probably the most important app on your mobile device. So if you opened your new mobile and found that it didn’t have Google Play Store installed, you’re most likely (and understandably) frustrated and maybe even confused. Isn’t Play Store supposed to be downloaded and ready to go when you first power up your device?

play store for mobile

Why do I need to download Play Store on my mobile device?
There are a few possibilities that could explain why your mobile device doesn’t have Play Store installed and why you may need to download the Play Store app manually. Firstly, if your new mobile device is an iOS device (iPhone, iPad…), a Windows Phone or an old Symbian OS phone, your platform isn’t designed to come with Play Store installed on it (depending on your device, you may be able to work around it, but this is the exception rather than the rule). If you received an Android device without Play Store installed and you bought it used, it’s possible that it’s either been rooted by the previous user or it’s running a version of Android OS that’s too old to be compatible with Google Play Store (Android 2.3 and older use Android Market instead). Lastly, if you bought a brand new Android device and it doesn’t have Play Store installed, it’s most likely a clone device or otherwise missing its official Google certificate.

How to download Play Store for mobile – Android OS
For Android users running Android 2.4+, the solution to your problem is very simple. What you will need to do is download Play Store on your mobile device manually using the “APK” file, which is simply the name of the file type that your Android OS knows how to run. This will work regardless of whether your Android mobile is new or used, rooted or not. First, go to your device’s security settings, which are usually found under the “General” tab. Look for the option “Allow installation from unknown sources”, and if the box next to it isn’t checked off, tap on it to check the box. This will allow your mobile device to install the APK file from a third party (i.e. our site). Then, all you have to do is use the browser on your Android mobile to tap of the Play Store APK download link found on our site and wait for the file to finish downloading. When it’s finished, open the file using a file manager or by tapping on the download complete notification that pops up. A few simple instructions will appear on your screen to help you finish setting up your new Google Play Store on your Android device.

How to download Play Store for mobile – iOS
If you use and iPhone or iPad, it is possible, though by no means a certainty, that you can download Google Play Store to your mobile by first downloading an Android Emulator application on your device (check the iTunes App Store for available options).