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Differences between a normal SIM and a Micro SIM

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A normal SIM card is supplied with your mobile phone to give you access to the mobile network and its functionality. This “smart card” fits into your mobile, it can:

  • Protect and secure access to your mobile.
  • Store information specific to your subscription.
  • Establish a connection to the network.

micro and normal sim card

The iPhone 3G will use MicroSIM cards i.e. smaller cards not normal SIM. This SIM card, despite being smaller allows more operator’s network settings, contacts, etc..

Does this mean that next iPhone will use a MicroSIM instead of a normal SIM? Most likely, yes. This is probably going to be a problem because we have to change SIM card sooner or later (ordered from our operator, which is possible, may not have a list soon), and as usual, Apple likes to innovate.

What continues to be very paradoxical is that the iPad is the biggest Apple touch device, and which uses a smaller SIM card, while the iPhone is much smaller and uses a more great… ironies of the technology.

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