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Curved screen Smartphone: LG G Flex

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The LG G Flex, A phablet with size of 6 inches, would be the first development of the firm that hit the market with a curved screen.

LG G Flex

After rumors of the LG Z and following the announcement of Samsung’s development of a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display, from CNET cited “sources inside LG” to report the LG G Flex, a model with next-generation OLED panel with concave curve would be officially announced in November.

As you know, ‘Flexible’ does not mean that we can ‘bend it’ at will but it will be adjusted to a fixed curve. Do not really know the type of real benefit to this type of terminals will bring to the industry in addition to the lower power consumption and thickness, already own of the OLED.

We talked to one advantage might be the ability to use the terminal edges and borders ‘bending’ the screen on them. An extension of the useful surface to the interface that can be interesting but we have to see the designs in question.

The other advantage of higher angles of vision is clear in the large-scale screens as the new televisions with curved screen but not in the 5-6 inches we have just seen. There are users who still feel that instead of ‘beauty’ technological screens as curves, the major companies should invest in components such as batteries. Critical aspect and probably the least advanced in the smart phone industry.

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