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CryTranslator: App to decipher the crying babies

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One of the frustrations of a parent is not able to interpret your baby’s cry. Does he cry because of hunger, thirst, sleep? These are some of the questions that plague the head of a parent (if first-time more) when your child breaks into tears. To overcome this situation, created CryTranslator, an app for iOS that can be interpreted in ten seconds the baby crying.


The application has been created by the Spanish company Biloop, which specializes in the development of sound recognition technology. Its creators have said on previous occasions that while identifying crying, actually interprets human emotions.

This relates crying to one of five states: hungry, sleepy, discomfort, stress or boredom. After identifying the state, the application recommends several useful solutions. The parent should download the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad ‘app’ through the Apple store, and pay $4.99.

Once installed, you must press the button “Start” and let the application captures the sound of crying baby for 10 seconds. The same application should be quiet while doing reconnaissance. The “app” will identify the baby mood and you must click suggestions to see some of the possible solutions.

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