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Cinemin Slice – Portable Projector for iPhone

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One of the projectors compatible for iPhone is precisely Wowwee Cinemin Slice brand, this accessory consists of a projector which shows pictures, videos, movies and games on different surfaces either walls or ceilings.

Cinemin Slice Projector

The projector Cinemin Slice is versatile and fits the iPhone very easily, as part of the features include stereo speakers, headphone jack and remote control for volume control and playback of content.

The price of Cinemin Slice projector for iPhone is $299 and is available from the official site of Wowwee, offering projection with dimension up to five feet at a distance of ten meters, in this regard underlines the quality of projection which levels include ultra high contrast and clarity of colors, i.e. the projection reaches a resolution of 854 x 480 and contrast ratio of 1000:1.

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