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Charge iPhone wirelessly with this 0.5 mm thick accessory

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The wirelessly charge a iPhone, meaning usually having to charge a large case or cover that changes in its entirety so thin that it is an iPhone. A new proposal seeks that this is not the only way to charge iPhone wirelessly with a super slim fitting.

iQi Mobile Receiver

The new accessory called iQi Mobile Receiver connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch and then folded to be placed in the rear of the device, to allow charging iPhone or iPod wirelessly.

The iQi has a thickness of only 0.5 millimeters, but recommend you just keep the iPhone with a thin cover to protect the accessory.

Since the accessory does not cover the entire back of the cell, is necessary for the iPhone is positioned correctly on the pillow, since it is not always will be charging the only fit the iPhone over the pad.

The Koolpuck charger is one recommended Qi chargers because it reproduces sound if the iPhone is not positioned the right way. However, any Qi charger would be running to allow charging iPhone wirelessly.

The iQi accessory is part of Indiegogo project looking for investors to be able to bring it to market.

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