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Vodafone Turbo 7

Vodafone Turbo 7, 5-inch simple and affordable mobile

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The telecommunications company continues its battle to conquer the lower ranges of mobile phones. Throughout the summer the British company has been populating the most economical and affordable sector of the market with very competitive prices phones. A good example is the Smart range, which offers basic mobile services at prices that can reach hundred euros.

Vodafone Turbo 7

At this juncture Vodafone has announced the addition of a new model for the lower range. This is the Vodafone Turbo 7, a smartphone above all cheap, simple, easy to use and that reaches the five inch. A reinforcement for the more economical range of the British brand that becomes one of the smartphones with five inch screen more cheaply from the market.Read More »Vodafone Turbo 7, 5-inch simple and affordable mobile