This is the new iPhone – Gizmodo

Gizmodo is sensationally claiming that this is the new iPhone (4th gen). The handset was found at a bar in Redwood City. Initially it was thought this was a Chinese fake, but now Gizmodo thinks it is the real deal. From initial look the change and design is a bold…

iPhone OS 4

iPhone OS 4.0 Revealed, Frags The Scene

Apple CEO and avid turtle neck wearer Steve Jobs revealed the latest iteration of the iPhone OS – 4.0 – which brings some interesting new features to iPhone users. Whilst fanboys from each side will carry on debating what this means to them one way or another, there is one…

3rd Gen iPhone

3rd Gen iPhone rumours In Visual Diagram

The Green Room has done a splendid job on visualizing all the rumors of the 3rd Gen iPhone into one clear visible graphical diagram. Amongst the rumors we have an improved camera, a front facing camera for video conferencing, OLED screen, ability to record and send video, Adobe Flash support…


iPhone Optimized Qik Pages

Qik has released iPhone optimized pages for the handset which cater to it’s UI. The page is available by visiting on your iPhone handsets. Users will have the majority of the features available on their handset, all of which are found on the main webpage on your PC…

iPhone 2.0.1 update

iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update Released

Apple has released the latest software update for the iPhone, aimed at mainly fixing bugs with the current 2.0 release. The update is 249.2MB and can be obtained by connecting your iPhone to your desktop PC / MAC and checking for new updates through iTunes.

Aqua Forest

Aqua Forest [iPhone Game]

If you are looking for a game that is user intuitive, responsive and simply cool then you need to try Aqua Forest. Using the iPhone’s touch screen and accelerometer it let’s you draw water, fire and wood on the large iPhone’s screen to your desire. I know there are other…

iPhone games

Freeverse binging Flick Sports Games for the iPhone

With the release of SDK for the iPhone from Apple, we can expect a host of new applications and games being developed for the device. Most of those will obviously make use of the touchscreen UI and the built in Accelerometer sensor, two features Apple has more or less designed…