Clock Pro

Alarm clocks apps for iPhone

We can find a number of interesting options with features of clocks for iPhone. So we start mentioning Clock Pro, an application that has feature versions support iPad and iPod Touch plus song selection options among other functions. Nightstand Central an option that supports display features including miniature editions in…

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 will have a screen of at least 4 inches

After a review of the operating system IOS 6, which is in its testing phase, it was determined that the resolution is of 1136 x 640 pixels, giving a new row for applications. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, with-in a shocking moment a 3.5 inch display and…

Aurora Feint 3

Puzzle games for iPhone and iPad

The category of games for iPhone and iPad highlights the theme versions that include puzzles, which present a variety where we can find some of the most popular gaming platforms. In the first place we can find the game of Aurora Feint 3 an edition that has interesting graphics with…

Wikipedia for iPhone

Wikipedia for iPhone applications

To navigate in Wikipedia can be used with an iPhone application that allows an optimized shape and designed in a more functional. These applications developed especially for iPhone and are available for free. First is the official Wikipedia Mobile Application which consists of a version that can be modified since…

facebook for mobile

Download facebook for mobile (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Java)

Today it is possible to have the official Facebook application in countless phones, some specially adapted versions such as the Android or iPhone and other generic versions that span multiple versions of Blackberry, Nokia and countless phones that run Java and thus can enjoy a social network version.

Aplication for iPhone of Cristiano Ronaldo

Application for iPhone and Android of Cristiano Ronaldo

The application for iPhone and Android of Cristiano Ronaldo has been officially launched, the mobile application is developed by Mobile Roadie who has also made ‚Äč‚Äčapplications for celebrities like Katy Perry and Adele and generally provides all information about the athlete including news, competitions and various exclusive content for fans…

Freekey keyboard

Flexible keyboard for iPad – FreeKey

Freekey is one of the accessories of the range that offers the Scosche site, it is a flexible keyboard that has several functional features among which are a battery reaches a length of up to 60 hours talk time and standby time of up to thirty days, also complemented with…

Cinemin Slice Projector

Cinemin Slice – Portable Projector for iPhone

One of the projectors compatible for iPhone is precisely Wowwee Cinemin Slice brand, this accessory consists of a projector which shows pictures, videos, movies and games on different surfaces either walls or ceilings. The projector Cinemin Slice is versatile and fits the iPhone very easily, as part of the features…

Apple IOS5

iOS5 – Apple Reigns In The Innovation

Apple recently announced the latest updates to it’s iOS platform, which runs on the Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The latest update (iOS5) includes 200+ new features and improvements to the platform. I’ll highlight some of the biggest improvements below why they may not be good for innovation…

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 – The Real Deal

Steve Jobs finally revealed what we had known for a month or so; the details on the iPhone 4 officially. There are a few key features the iPhone 4 has in this revision which not only puts it on par with almost all other handsets on the market as an…