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BlackBerry – Windows Phone, the third war of operating systems

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The last number of the mobile manufacturers have brought to the fore another reality, the war for third place but operating systems. While Android and iOS clearly occupy the top two spots, there are two OS that are struggling to reach the podium, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

WP and Blackberry

Al seems there is a momentary winner: Windows Phone. And the fault lies with the sales of Nokia Lumia devices. Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO already confessed that Android opted for Lumia family because Samsung already showed some supremacy and this gave him confidence.

Now Nokia has announced that in the last quarter of this year has sold 7.4 million Lumia, running with WP. The figure was slightly lower than expected by Nokia, but still far exceeds those obtained by his nearest rival, Blackberry and BB10. BlackBerry launched its new BB10 operating system (BlackBerry 10) earlier this year and although tried to fight aggressively to regain its place in the market, has only sold 2.7 million BB10 devices (Q10 and Z10) in the last quarter.

More for Microsoft is that Nokia is not the only one that makes Windows Mobile Phone. Samsung and HTC have also tested models with this OS release. Another feature in this battle is that today Nokia not only produces Lumia with WP but which has some other mid-range mobile with this system. Blackberry has just launched Q5, a mobile phone with fewer features than the others in the range BB10.

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