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Blackberry will offer its Messenger service to IOS and Android

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Blackberry Messenger will come to rival platforms in summer depending on the company has announced. In the first version to be offered to Android and IOS may be sharing pictures, texts and group messaging.

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However, they hope that by year end functions added voice and video messages at no additional cost. With this strategic action come to compete with Blackberry services like Skype or Whatsapp.

Thorsten Heins has revealed the news during the annual developer conference being held this year in Orlando, Florida. According to figures provided by Heins, the company estimates that about 60 million BlackBerry users uses this service monthly.

Heins has been suggested that this is the right time for Blackberry to offer its BBM to rival devices. Versions for iPhone and Android Mobile Phone are free and are awaiting the approval of Google Play and Apple App Store.

“It is time to bring BBM to a large audience. I can not wait for the day that all our fans can send invitations BlackBerry BBM friends with other platforms. They have asked us this for years”, Heins pointed out at the conference.

BBM had been one of the main features that many users had postponed its change to other devices until they entered the market services like Whatsapp.

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