Baidu launched its own smartphone

The giant Chinese firm Baidu, a search engine similar to Western Google that operates in Asia, has decided to launch its own smartphone.

Baidu smartphone

Which Google, as we mentioned earlier, Baidu was associated with a telecommunications company, China Telecom, and a hardware manufacturer, which remains as unknown, to have its own team in the streets. In fact, the firm uses its own operating system, which, however, does not vary from the main exponents of the market.

Its ‘parent’ catalogued as a device “100% internet”, and its technical components so testify. Its screen is of 4.5 inch, although its resolution is only 540 x 960 pixels. The other information revealed so far only indicates the presence of a dual core chip at 1.2 GHz.

On its availability, neither dates nor are estimates prices not known, although it will come in various colors: white, black and red.

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