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Asus MemoPad adds a tablet to the low cost over the world

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It is true that the tablet market is still expanding, and above all, more and more manufacturers’ brands rush to offer their own differentiated products.

Asus MemoPad

And although we know that for the moment are the kings of this are Samsung and Apple, which does not imply that they are far from the only options, and above all, they do not necessarily have to be the option that you identify yourself, especially if what you’re looking for is a high value.

And the price has become an important heat when buying new gadgets. Consumers, in this crisis, more and have a lower purchasing power, which is noticeable when your spending plan. And although some remains committed to save to get one of those mentioned above, those who are convinced that they are going the low cost, should take a look at Asus MemoPad, who particularly wants to be the king of cheap tablets.

The 7-inch Asus MemoPad just been announced in the U.S. and in reality company tablet costs to change around 114 euros, a really low price if compared to the tablets that are currently on the market. So if you thought a cheap tablet, you know there will be another option soon Asus hand. What do you think? Do you like it?

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