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Applications of calculators for ipad

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Among the various application options of calculators for iPad we can find the following, which are free and have some relevance functions especially for iPad platforms.

PCalc Lite

First we can mention the application Jumbo Calculator App, which has an interface that resembles the look of a classic or conventional calculator especially by the buttons to develop basic operations.

Another application is PCalc Lite basically differs by the scientific calculator functions with an intuitive interface. PowerOne Scientific Calculator is also an important application basically by the level of performance for operations of a scientific calculator with additional options such as calculations and conversions.

Another recommendation in this area is precisely the application named Big Calculator Free app, which has as its main objective to provide a functional interface and adaptable to the requirements of the users, with configuration options to determine the size of the buttons and options enabled full screen as well as memory functions, percentages and other practical operations.

Free Calculator App is another alternative which is basically a result of the combination of a conventional calculator with scientific functions, as we see iPad has wide range of applications from calculators.

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