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Applications and sport: monitors your performance

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If you play sport on a regular basis, you know how important it is to measure your performance in order to optimize the quality of the workouts and get better results.

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The technology is set at your service to help you in this task: you have at your disposal all kind of devices and “apps” optimized for performance monitoring in different sports, allowing you to know your brands and training you need to improve the results.

The fashion of running
If your favorite sport is running, Nike+ offers different devices to monitor every detail of your runs. On one hand, you have access to the ‘app’ Nike+ Running, available for iPhone and Android, which incorporates GPS, tracking rate, stopwatch, timer, counter of calories burned, pedometer, music playback and social functions. In addition to measuring your progress, you to set your goals and get badges for achievements.

Another device for runners is Nike+ SportBand, a wristband that syncs with an integrated sensor in the shoe that has pedometer function, monitoring of rhythm, timer and calories burned. Combined with the heart rate transmitter Polar WearLink+ is able to monitor your heart rate and boasts a customizable display so you can see the information that interests you most. And for an even more professional monitoring have Nike+ SportWatch GPS, which has SportBand features but incorporating GPS and meter split times and intervals, as well as automatic reminders to motivate before jogging.

The Garmin brand also provides you with a device to measure during the race, Forerunner, intelligent clock available in various models with features useful for running. All versions integrate GPS, and features, which vary depending on each model, allowing you to monitor your steps, location, route, keystrokes and heart rhythm, as well as other variables.

For cycling
If you practice cycling, also have specialized devices to monitor your pace and your ride. Runstatic offers you two payment applications so you can measure your performance both on road and mountain biking. For a price of 4.49 euros you can benefit from GPS tracking, measurement distance, pace, speed and calories, maps, training history, social features to share your results…

In the catalog of Garmin devices are also optimized to measure during cycling. The range of Edge models let you record your data monitor them on your computer or mobile phone and stay connected to check the weather or Recommended paths at any time. All Edge are equipped with GPS and, as in the case of Runtastic, you can sync with Garmin cadence sensor to get measurements of the exercise more precise and professional.

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