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Application for iPhone and Android of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Aplication for iPhone of Cristiano Ronaldo

The application for iPhone and Android of Cristiano Ronaldo has been officially launched, the mobile application is developed by Mobile Roadie who has also made ‚Äč‚Äčapplications for celebrities like Katy Perry and Adele and generally provides all information about the athlete including news, competitions and various exclusive content for fans and fans of Cristiano Ronaldo.

This Android applications is easy to use and after installation added funds with the footballer photos and interactive content such as games, Fan wall and news.

The option of a mobile application of Cristiano Ronaldo is a complement to this focused for more than 6 million followers on Twitter and has 40 million followers on Facebook, so to be one of the most popular athletes in social networks this application will definitely be another alternative for success primarily to its thousands of fans as they interactively be conducted contests to win autographed products to accumulate points by performing the download and use the different contents of the application, which is available free from the links below.

For iPhone:

For Android:

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