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Apple testing offline voice system similar to what exists in Android

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Apple is testing a dictation system offline for iOS devices. In this way, users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can use voice to enter text even when not connected to the Internet. This is a speech recognition system similar to include Android devices.

apple offline voice system

The Apple development team continues to work for the next generation of devices armed with the best features of software, and compete well with Google and its Android operating system. To do this, the Cupertino company and developers are doing their best in iOS 7, the new version of its mobile OS unveiled last June. One of the improvements affects the voice recognition system.

The developer Hamza Sood, as recorded by 9to5 Mac, has been shown through the iOS source code in July that Apple is working on a voice system that allows users to dictate any phrase or word at devices and it transcribes it, even if the device not connected to the Internet.

Today in iOS 6 and earlier, the device uses software that loads the speech in the cloud and converts it to text. Because this operation is based on an Internet connection and a cloud engine could sometimes generate errors and long wait times while charging and the use of unwanted data.

With this new version working with Apple and is still in the testing phase, users can accelerate any action from sending emails to internet searches more quickly.

This technology not only dictation is in Apple but also Android. To date, the iPhone 3GS included a voice control while the iPhone 4S included Siri. But perhaps the iPhone 5S, the likely successor to the iPhone 5, the first that uses this system by voice as a unique feature voice.

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