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Apple patented a camera of three sensors and lenses for iPhone and the iPad

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Apple has just received a patent for a new type of camera for its mobile. It is a mechanism with three lenses and three sensors which suggests that future iPhones and iPads may photographs of much better quality images.

apple patented camera

AppleInsider has reported that the Patent and Trademark Office of United States approved the patent number 8,497,897 that describes their documents in a house with three sensors, one for brightness (luminance) and two for color (chrominance).

It describes AppleInsider that through the use of a lens of high chrominance, the image processor will be able to compare both data and create a picture with more accurate color.

The sensors along with the lenses will improve the quality of the photographs both in normal situations and in difficult times.

The patent describes various configurations of the three sensors, one of which could potentially help capture images in low light. Patent documents were introduced in 2010 and now are approved.

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