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Apple loses market share in tablets, can the iPad mini help?

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Apple was the big generator segment of tablets based mobile operating systems, and with a market that was around 90%, it was inevitable that the company was losing share (despite their excellent sales), due to growth of its competitors.

ipad mini

IDC results for the third quarter show that despite increased sales of iPad in items, market share has fallen by almost ten percentage points, from 59.7% to 50.4%, with a total of 14 million units sold worldwide, a number that surpasses it sold a year earlier (11.1 million) but falls in the second quarter of this year, which had been 18 million.

The other competitors have not achieve really significant numbers, but Samsung, which is in second place, which was greater grew from 1.2 million units sold in the same period in 2011, to 5.1 million in the last quarter, and staying well with a 18.4% Sales of tablets. Amazon sold during the same period 2.5 million and held a 9% share, while Asus is left with a 8.6% and Lenovo 1.4%. But Apple does not want to continue losing market share, and despite the fact that the inter-annual numbers are positive, just to put up for sale the iPad mini, a lower-cost product that seek to expand the number of units of tablets with apple behind.

It must bear in mind that Amazon also just released new tablets, and that markets on Kindle Fire offered far fewer than the iPad, sold globally, so it will be interesting to see how companies operate in the fourth quarter, and although Apple probably will retain the crown, should be see how they behave other.

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