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Apple denies iPhone Low Cost Project

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Long time has been commenting the possibility of Apple manufacturing a low cost iphone . All this came from the media editor of The Wall Street Journal, which claimed, but recently, communication managers of the company have denied the news.

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Considering manufacturing policy and price of the brand, the matter did not have much credibility, but since we were doing illusions, since due to the crisis, could be a salable product. But apple company does not need and has shown figures, as it has recently reported the following figures: they have only 20% of the smartphone market and have 75% of the profit, in this market.

Whereupon, it is also a bit ridiculous that lowered the price of its devices, and although there were also some reasoning in relation to this device would be indicated to the Chinese market mainly, the truth is that the Chinese market is already the second largest company and raising that china will become the first.

In conclusion, say that it has been a false alarm, perhaps caused by the same companies to alter the “markets”, and more coming from publications such as The Wall Street Journal. In any case, will be aware of new ones come on Apple, it has still some things to do in the face to the coming year.

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