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Android Music Players

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The options for music players for Android includes several interesting alternatives in the first place we can find the application of MixZing Media Player, the main features automatic functions can be found as the holder of the album and the identification of the songs, plus also has with options to display the lyrics of the topics. The File Manager has settings to save playlists and a complementary equalizer.

Mixzing media player

Winamp is another interesting alternative, in this case we have options for organizing music and synchronization with different devices. Also include features like internet radio stations and display settings.

The official application for music player is also one of the relevant options and that includes options that enhance the exploration and navigation of content and songs, plus shortcuts for reproduction.

PowerAMP is another of the alternative music player for Android, basically highlights the options for adjusting the sound quality through the integration of the equalizer and compatibility with multiple formats.

Finally RealPlayer for Android is another important player, which has as main features which includes versions for PC.

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