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Android L officially reach the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7)

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The Asian company HTC has confirmed the imminent update to Android L for HTC One(M8) and the HTC One (M7), demonstrating a strong commitment to its customers.

Android L for HTC One(

Just minutes after being officially announced the next version of Android, Android L, and the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has decided to confirm in his official blog some of its plans on Android L and the devices that, for now, will update to that version of the operating system.

That list, at the moment, is made by HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7), the flagship of this year 2014 and the flagship of last year 2013. On arrival, HTC has not been too accurate, although it is somewhat understandable considering that not even yet know the official date that will launch Android L. However, the Asian company said that Android L will be available for both devices within a maximum period of 90 days from the moment in which Google release Android L final code. I.e.: If Google released the Android L code in October, Android L would both HTC One (M8) as the HTC One (M7) at the latest, in January next year.

Noticeably commitment that HTC has made to its latest devices in the One Family While the update for the HTC One (M8) was almost assured (as well as the speed of this), the fact that Android L will arrive soon to the HTC One (M7) is really amazing, and shows, as I have quoted above, the commitment that HTC is acquiring with its devices and, above all, with the owners of these devices. It is true that the speed with which this update will arrive on both smartphones is not the same as expected from other manufacturers like Motorola, but it is still a very remarkable behavior – especially if we take into account how the panorama on the Android ecosystem is.

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