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Android and Ubuntu on the same smartphone: Canonical announces Ubuntu Dual Boot

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Canonical has unveiled the Android and Ubuntu dual boot for smartphones start choosing between mobile operating systems.

Ubuntu dual boot

Have wanted to try Ubuntu Touch OS on your smartphone but do not want to leave your platform? There will be many users at that point, but for which there is, Canonical has presented its solution: Android and Ubuntu dual boot for smartphones, currently only for developers.

The greatest goodness of Android and Ubuntu dual boot, dual boot apart is that the switch is made ​​directly with a simple graphical interface, so anyone can use it easily, without technical knowledge. Surely that was the big challenge for Canonical, fighting its long reputation for complex oriented platform and advanced users. If you decide to try, you can use Android for an environment more than every day perhaps, because the time to experiment, develop or simply feed the geek curiosity, Ubuntu Touch OS.

The dual boot partition rewrites Android restoration, so from the time of installation will require the user to be more than familiar with advanced using Android, root, etc.. In case something goes wrong, it is your responsibility to restore your terminal. The risks are great, so for now it is better idea to wait, unless you’re one of those very advanced users eager to try Ubuntu Touch OS, and perhaps more than one smartphone.

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