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An iPad with up to 128 GB of storage is on the way

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Probably many of us still have the same tendency as me. Whenever they think about the buy of a terminal, either a smartphone or a tablet, purchased the version, between the lower-capacity available.

iPad with 128GB storage

At the end of the day, at first it seems that everything will fit in it, and that is not worth paying more for a few GB. But then the problems come, especially when it comes to devices that do not allow a hard drive associated with because there is no USB or microSD card slot included. And that chance iPad has two disadvantages.

And today I just realized that it seems I’m not the only one who is always space falls short, at least at the expense of the rumor that has just leaked from Cupertino and that I would argue that the mark of the apple is thinking of launching to the market a tablet with greater storage capacity; in particular an iPad with 128GB.

An iPad with up to 128GB of storage is coming and if everything is confirmed, it is not safe because they know that in this sense Apple always surprises us, come mid-April, when it is expected to be submitted new generations of Apple’s tablet, both the iPad, as the iPad Mini.

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