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Amplify Murdoch’s new tablet for $300

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It might seem that already collapsed. However, news shows that it is not. I speak of course of the market for tablets, in which although we do not understand with so many brands and so many choices, new manufacturers keep coming to “try their luck” almost all of a stated strategy or at low cost or differentiation monopoly of those who do.

Murdoch tablet

And today we’re going to talk about the Amplify, halfway between the two marketing policies, because it is the Murdoch group touch screen option and will cost $300.

Actually, for its aesthetic and would be easy to conclude that this is a gadget for children, precisely because it is pro public that the device poses a bit expensive. $300 to which must be added 100 more per annual subscription educational content of the media corporation, much that is designed for developed countries is as little a high price.

Precisely for this reason, and because there are options like the popular Amazon Kindle that could perfectly replace installing applications and placing educational content suitable for kids at home, make the Murdoch tablet, for great empire of mass media that it has, the departing Amplify disadvantaged both in price and in a monopoly, because after all of them have little alternative.

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