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Amazon would be developing a free smartphone

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A new rumor has again put on the table the possibility that Amazon is entering the smartphone market, but this time the rumor comes with something very interesting, and it would be a free smartphone.

amazon smartphone

Indeed, a smartphone that Amazon offer free and free of charge, without any cost. Yes, it is clear that should be quoted free, nobody gives as a free lunch, but starting the idea is very appealing.

On the one hand it is possible that condition the delivery of the terminal to a subscription to its service Amazon Premium, as they currently do with their Kindle range. On the other hand it is not unreasonable to think that the firm “may learn” data only serving users, as most of you will know, to display advertising.

Finally we have a third option, and is nothing to encourage the sales of content, books and multimedia, the company provides.

We can not rule out that Amazon chooses, if the rumor is just confirming, by combining several or even all the possibilities that you aim above, in order to monetize every free smartphone.

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