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Amazon will produce a “smartphone” with 3D display

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The e-commerce giant Amazon is working to develop a smart phone capable of playing 3D images that are seen with the naked eye, as published by “The Wall Street Journal” newspaper, which said that the company is preparing three other technological devices.

amazon 3d smartphone

The newspaper report, which has not been confirmed by Amazon, relied on sources that were not revealed and detailed the company plans to launch two “smartphones”, an audio player for the internet and a box-style Apple TV or Roku to carry audiovisual content from the network to the TV.

The ultimate would be the project of smart phone that would use a holographic effect to create images in three dimensions that could be seen from any angle and which would be equipped with a retina tracking technology that would allow the user to navigate through menus with only the eyes.

Currently there are devices like the Nintendo 3DS handheld console that displays games in three dimensions without the need for special glasses, but the 3D effect requires the player is in front of the screen.

The “3D smartphone” with visual management would trump Amazon to storm the market for high-end phones dominate Apple and Samsung, the latter thanks to Google’s Android system. The idea of a phone from Amazon already circulates through the network since last year, while last month leaked that it would also have in hands a box to carry audio-visual content to televisions.

Amazon devices, like their Kindle devices, would serve to best position the Seattle company as distributor of content, business that interests to this internet giant that tries to sell cheap its tablets in order to get more users who spend on their products.

The new devices could see the light within a few months, although dates are undecided. The audio player with internet connection via Wi-Fi aims connected to speakers or to TV and broadcast through them music hosted in the cloud, which would provide a platform for a subscription service itself as a rival of Pandora or Spotify.

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