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ADzero bamboo: born ecological smartphone

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Today we want to talk about technology as always, but from or point of view much more environmentally friendly, because although it seems that when it comes to tech talk from maximum to which the technique can lead to new products, this will not in any way conflict with the commitment to sustainability and a return to a model of ecology that these years begins to have wide acceptance by the public.

ADzero bamboo

That said, we want to present Adzero bamboo, a smartphone that laughs from the rest and it is believed the most green of which there are, because, as its name indicates it is made of bamboo.

Precisely this combined with a very careful design, Adzero bamboo has become the perfect ally of those who say worry about the environment and who want to put your grain of sand in the world we leave to our children’s children. In any case, better take a look at how looks this who was born being a prototype and will become a reality in 2013.

Highlights Adzero Bamboo:
Although so far have not released the hardware features that will carry the terminal, we know that equip inside the Android OS 4.0 and also comes with its own user interface called ADOAS.

In addition, the Adzero Bamboo is presented to the market in 2013 as the first terminal in the world made from the wood of the plant.

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